Website Design & Development Services

What's included in website design and development services?

“Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.”

― Israelmore Ayivor

The majority of our projects are designed and developed using Word Press. Word Press is  the worlds most utilised and trusted content management system (CMS).

The benefit of using Word Press is that 85-90% of any given projects requirements are already available. We  find the functionality and integrate with the core,.

These small amendments or tweaks are  achieved using plug ins so this means we don’t have to build anything from scratch. We adopt, change and utilise existing technologies.

The installation and set up of a Word Press project is simple and we are able to work with your assisting host, *(or recommend a new host if you need).

A good host will ensure your project can go live and handle the the traffic you are expecting without any major downtime.

Using the recommended hosting means you will be paying more per month but you will have peace of mind. There will be redundancy for your project and extensive tech support should anything goes wrong.

There are some dodgy hosts out there with super cheap deals and it is a case of you get what you pay for.

Your website will be responsive. That means it is designed to work across the full range of display screens (mobile, tablet and desktop).

What's included in website design and development services?

Word Press is a technology that we can grow and evolve as we need. You can start off with a smaller website. Focus on getting some branding and basic content online. Then develop your content: products,  services, other business information as you evolve.

You may even decide on an FAQ section and a regular corporate blog which is something we can support you with.

Once we have completed the project, you have access to the back end so any little amendments that need to be made can be done so without delay.

Your great ideas

Our know how and expertise

Connect now and let us better understand how we can be of service.

Having said that, we can manage the website on your behalf for a small monthly fee. This leaves you freed up so you can get on with your core business.

“From the day we deliver your website project your access to the website will ensure that you can:-

  • – make changes to the text or copy on the website
  • – upload images, videos and PDF files
  • – grant access (limited or full) to others
  • – set up other integration services (google analytics, google ads)

While you will be the owner of the new website, there is a licensing framework that is in place:

  • – from Word Press
  • – from the website theme developers
  • – from the plug in developers
  • – from any content authors we have used

Unless otherwise instructed, we will keep access to the website after the design and development is finalised.

We will keep access to keep the website in good working order. This maintenance includes a bi weekly back up of the website source code and database.

Many companies do not give you the ownership of the website and this can lead to stressful and confusing situations and conflict.

What is the Website Content?

Our website packages pricing assumes that you have your own content (text, images, videos, documents).

Content brings the website come alive so audiences can see your products and services and interact with your brand.

“Content” would commonly include:

– Minimum Value Proposition (3 things about your business)

  • – About Us (600-900 words talking your brand and people)
  • – Products and Services (several pages with great pictures)
  • – Portfolio (3 to 5 projects to highlight)
  • – Pricing information (1 page text and a pricing grid)
  • – Blog (if launching with blogs and news)
  • – Contact Us (basic contact information)
  • – Photos (an array of 20-30 photos related to the brand)

Of extreme importance the content also includes the branding of your business. Your logos, fonts, colour wheels and any other instructions to be followed in that area.”

The way our pricing for projects works assumes the “Content” (outlined above) can be made available. That way there are non delays as we start working on your new website.

If content is going to be an issue then Adelade-Websites.XYZ have access to professional content writing sources. We can bring them on board (at cost) to assist content heavy projects.

If the “Content” can be undertaken ‘in house’, we are happy to quote you for the additional time spent on the project.

Should we end up working on the content we do so on a page by page basis (1000 words per page). We allow a limit of two FREE revisions of the text of the website so we stay focused on the bigger picture.

If we are struggling with content, we will let you know as soon as we can. Our charges sit at $75 per hour when it comes to content work outside of what we have agreed.


Local – Affordable – Friendly – Professional

Contact Forms

We can develop one contact form to use across the website, or provide page specific contact forms. We need to know what to do with the enquiries received and who “Contact Form” content should be addressed to. A contact form solicits: Name, Email, Message (and up to five more fields)

If you need a mega form with many options we can work on this although it will fall outside of the packaged pricing. We can develop customisable and complex forms that use conditional logic. These forms need serious integration across the website.

Slider’s are very popular and almost a permanent feature of any website. A slider is a space where your MVP (or introduction) can be hosted. It consists of 3-5 image slides supported with marketing messaging. The “Slider” leads the user to a featured service or product.

It is possible to source rights cleared images. The website and marketing content will enjoy better outcomes with your own photos. It is worth ensuring you have the right visual content for the project.

Your new website will also incorporate links and access to your social media spaces. You will need to provide the links to your social media so we can ensure these are made available.

There are many opportunities to use social media on your website: photo galleries; feeds; badges; buttons; chats; etc.

We are happy to work on ensuring your Social Media functionality. This will ensure your website is more dynamic so you can leverage your brand across many platforms.

Google Maps allows for your website to display a customised version of a map showing your location.

This is very helpful if you are doing business from a physical location and need to let your customers know exactly where you are.

You provide the location and we can do the rest ensuring you make the most of Google’s smarts.

Navigation Menu’s help site visitors travel through your website finding what they need . You may wish to have more than one navigation menu if you have a lot of content that suits refinements. This is easily done and is part of every website project.

There is 1 main navigation at the top of your website. It is not uncommon to see additional navigation (offering a path around core products and services).

You may also wish to host the sites most important links in a menu that sits at the footer of the website.

IMPORTANT: try to get quality high resolution photos  with your branding, your team, your location and your products and/or services.

While stock photos can fill the gap, your own branded photos will let audiences and potential customers feel safe that your business is real. They will enjoy looking through your products and services to see what is on offer.

We are very happy to find generic stock photos that are relevant supporting the content you already have.

Every webpage should aim for between 3 to 6 images (unless it is a gallery page or portfolio).

Gallery and Portfolio Pages may feature more than 20 images. Once the gallery or portfolio has been coded and launched you will be able to take control editing this content as you need.

We will use a software like to optimise your photos so they are the best size for web while keeping their resolution and clarity.

PDF’s can be uploaded to shared storage (*google drive, one note etc) and these shared links can be promoted on your website.

With a site maintenance agreement, we will work with you to keep the content fresh relevant and updated.

One of the reasons we utilise Word Press as a CMS is that it used in the market and SEO friendly. Google and other search engines like the Word Press system.

We work with Yoast which is one of the best SEO plug ins available. As we develop the content on the website we do basic amendments to ensure that your site is as best optimised for SEO as a new website can be.

We optimise the Meta Titles, the Meta Descriptions and ensure your key-words and other suggested phrases are optimised.

We focus on ensuring Google can understand what your content is about and work on promoting it for you.

The initial content we are working with comes from your team. The more work put in on the content, the more rewards you will notice when it comes to people finding your services.

Support and Service

We are always available to provide support or to assist with new projects or other technical tasks where our expertise fits.

Customers keep us on call under a small monthly retainer ($49 – $199). This allows for us to keep an eye on your projects making any updates as we have agreed per the monthly fee.

We keep a bi-weekly back up of the website which allows us to get you up and running in no time should you experience any major technical issues.

Website Design and Development - Pricing Insight

Adelaide-Websites.XYZ is able to offer amazing prices for new projects. Website design and development packages aim to meet the needs of the businesses we work with.

We are a small aggressive local company that is focused on winning the project tenders we know we will be awesome onWe do this by being as honest as possible identifying what the real business needs are and ensuring  competitive costings are quoted.

Adelaide-Websites.XYZ are focused on utilising technology to increase our competitive edge. We are comfortable to zoom, skype or blue jeans with our clients on a regular basis so everything is on track. This reduces the number of face to face meetings (more time working on your new site).

Our website development and design pricing is competitive and transparent. Prices for projects start around $750 and can go anywhere up to $5,000 and beyond.

The average corporate website sits at between $1500 to $3000 and includes the functionality discussed.

Any e-commerce website will stat at approximately $2,500 and can increase to $5,000.

An out of the box Shopify website with a custom theme and some little tweaks can start from as little as $2,000.

It all comes back to the desired requirements and the support needed to deliver the project.

For larger projects (*including software development | mobile applications) we utilise technical partners we have developed good working relationships with (from Egypt, Kuwait, India and or Pakistan) and take on the role of Project Manager