A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir

Lisa Gansky

Where is your brand voice and what is saying to your prospective consumers? Is your brand voice in tune with your market and is it authentic and positive or is it another voice in the choir of other brands trying to capture your attention so that they can offload a product or service?

Not every piece of communications has to be targeted and customized to deliver a brand message that is relevant but you want to be sure to have messaging that clearly identifies the value that will be exchanged if the handshake is made (this is true too of bricks and mortar businesses that rely on print or television campaigns – they convey values if they are to be successful).

So what are we talking about here? Lets introduce the Minimum Value Proposition and look at how successful messaging can clearly inspire prospects into engagement.

What is the Value Proposition

The value proposition fills the CORE NEED the consumer is meeting by engaging with your brand and using a product or service.

Let’s assume that your are selling haircuts? Is the value proposition about the haircut? or the promise that your brand whispers to the user about how they could look and what that could mean to their love life, social life, family life or work life?

The haircut is being sold to bring some change to the consumer – maybe it is just to feel refreshed by feeling groomed, a nostalgic feeling provoked as they remember the monthly haircut with Dad followed by an ice cream sunday?

“You could find music; you could find news; you could find information, but you couldn’t find and connect with the people that you cared about, which as people is actually the most important thing.”

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg never set out to build a company or business instead he wanted to try to create a simple service that would allow students from his area to connect and share.

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life

Who could have known that the simple connect and share value proposition in a world that was already very digital with numerous social sites competing could muster the force and fury of the entire internet and evolve into the service we all know and love – Facebook. This simple value proposition has ensured Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth to an estimated USD $70b.

So how does this thinking become relevant to me as a small business trying to win new customers?

First if your brand is developed and grown to be a voice that is appealing and relevant to your target market;

then… your value proposition is the secret promise whispered to your consumers as they start interacting with you and if you communicate the value proposition and deliver as you have promised (whether it be product or service) then you are definitely going to experience the trappings of success and see positive business growth.