Australus Constructions

Mario was working on an RFP and knew he needed a website

The initial work for Ausralus was to get a comprehensive set of content around the business and its portfolio of building and construction works that had been commissioned through the years.

In parallel work began on a logo and branding so that the documents that could accompany an RFP would really highlight the sort of business that Australus was and what they were capable of delivering.

Developing the Brand

Significant times were spent on the branding and logo design for Australus

The briefing for the development of the brand was fine, but we were just not nailing it and after having knocked back 40+ design ideas I could see the worried look on Mario’s face as if he was going to force himself to pick something but was not overly impressed with anything!!!

A last minute inspiration saw us deliver a new concept that was fun to play with and within 2 or 3 days we had approvals on the new branding and logo and were focused on developing a final set of content from the RFP documents that could be used for a company brochure and for the new website.


We are looking for individuals who are ready to develop daily and not afraid of difficult tasks

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