It is always so exciting when you can see something you have been working on, something you have started to care about make its first debut into the digital world. It is always one of those ‘thank you’ moments to find gratitude for. Those moments where you start to feel excited and your mind starts connecting into amazing possibilities that could be part of the story if we use the right tools and tell the right stories to the right people.

“Not a visible enthusiasm but a hidden one, an excitement burning with a cold flame.”

Patrick Süskind

And just because it feels like something is coming together, doesn’t mean the work is done, in fact this is when the work really begins, it is a start to something that will bring new audiences to a local business that is eager to win appeal and like any other product or service it needs to be molded as it grows so that it is representative of the actual product or service on offer, but also so it attracts not just visitors but a target market that will engage and become part of your every day world.