I have had customers get up out of their seats, raise their voices and demand that we stop focusing on content and finalize a website so they can get back to the daily grind. They strongly believe they do not need a content marketing plan.

It’s not much fun being the meat in the sandwich when tempers flare and you know in your heart that by following orders blindly you are losing a valuable business edge even if you are still able to deliver a website that looks great and has all the bells and whistles.

Content makes for a delicate conversation and without dedicated resources (people) or a budget to outsource the work to, any project has the capacity to run off the rails very easily. More important tje need for a small outfit like Adelaide-Websites.XYZ who have experienced content marketing planning and social media expertise on tap.

The Content is 90% of the game

Content work has to be a carefully planned exercise making the most of the content assets available. Utilising the baseline marketing messaging and keyword requirements to support the brand story. Without careful planning the content work can easily end up as keyword stuffed content that may as well have been written by an ‘AI’ content tool. Low value both in terms of SEO and in terms of winning the hearts and minds of targeted audiences.

The content discussion always starts with ‘Yes we have all the content ready…’

Grim pickings for the thin…


More often than not by the time the content does arrive to be seeded through the website, you are left with several low quality photos of the management and 1 and half pages of text talking about the products or services on offer.

So how to run a Content Marketing Plan in this landscape?

The first concession would be to focus on drafting a set of content that introduces target audiences to the brands products or services using minimum value propositions. This is to ensure messaging is focused and that the value on offer is clear and effective.

Developing these brand stories (against a few well thought out personas) there is a palpable level of excitement that is building.

On track again, and we make sure to keep our stakeholders are informed and contributing until we have a final content skeleton that we can use to develop the first iteration of the new website.

There is a need to maximise the value of every piece of content that we can muster. Content should be adopted for utilisation across the social channels used to reach and engage our audiences.

Successful websites use a content marketing plan

At times this is a hands on exercise being at the brands physical location getting photos, getting testimonials, slowly milking the expertise from staff and then collating these assets. Revising what you have against your goals and developing a content calendar that will keep you on track and focused.

It may not end up as a project where there are Op Ed’s in the papers, press conferences with interviews, 3 blogs per week etc… It doesn’t have to be. We simply need to be able to continue a focused push using content. Content that has been strategically thought out to ensure maximum effect.

Some amazing content marketing plan resources

If you are a smaller business looking to learn about how to create a content marketing plan. There are some wonderful resources available which can help you learn to structure your approach prioritising your effort to achieve the best results. These resources are available at the following sites:

The more focus on content that can be undertaken, the more stories you have to tell and the better you will be able to interact and engage with your target market. We are experienced content marketers and would love to help you find success.